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Call for Participation in the Launching of the Global Task Force on Migration (GTFM)

Based on the decision taken during “The International Forum on Local Solutions to Migration and Displacement” held on 26-27 November 2019 in Gaziantep, Turkey to establish a Global Task Force on Migration (GTFM) as a follow-up mechanism to achieve the commitments signed in the declaration and to translate its words into action, the Steering Committee of GTFM would like to invite to participate in the Launching of GTFM, to be held 30th September Wednesday from 14:00 - 16:00.

The meeting will be organized by the Steering Committee of GTFM (Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, IOM, UCLG-MEWA, UNDP, UNHCR, UMT, and WALD) (). At this meeting, we will seize the occasion to present the roadmap that we will follow through this process. Besides, we will have the opportunity to share our experiences and devise solutions regarding migrants’ challenges during Covid-19.

Meeting language: English

The session will be on Zoom platform. For registration please click the link below

Please find online the meeting package with further details for your perusal, including:

. The 2019 Gaziantep Declaration

. Roadmap for the GTFM

. Terms of Reference for the GTFM

. Concept Note

. Program Agenda

We look forward to your participation to work in line with other stakeholders and to widen our network. Your participation will be a great added value to all the participants.

For any further questions you might have and to confirm your interest in attending the meeting, please write to the Secretariat of the GTFM at the following email:


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